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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Indiana Jones and the Golden Monkey.

Indiana Jones and the Golden Monkey by Joseph Remic, age 5.

Indiana Jones was looking for treasure. He had to jump down into the caves.

In the caves it was dark like night.

Indiana was looking for a golden monkey.

In the caves there were snakes! Indiana used his whip to get the monkey.

He ran away jumping over the traps.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Over at this week they're featuring the fabulous Dave Seeley artwork for War Machine in a variety of downloadable sizes to use as your computer backdrop. Sweet :-).

Friday, 20 June 2008

John Martyn.

I'm currently reading, and thoroughly enjoying, "Some People Are Crazy" about the legendary singer/songwriter/drunk and downright awesome guitarist John Martyn. I definitely recommend this fine piece of literature, which gives a valuable insight into what makes the genius tick, along with some of Martyn's superb and mellow recordings like On the Cobbles and Solid Air.
Check it [them!] out.
Soothing music to write SF horror zombie novels to.....

Monday, 16 June 2008

Match it Pratchett!

Just thought I'd link to the very noble Match It For Pratchett site, over at and put in place by Forbidden Planet.

It's a "unique project to raise money for and awareness of the Alzheimer's Research Trust", all a very good cause.

Please support the Monqee!!
Sign up now!!

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Finally took the plunge, and opened a Facebook account. Everyone seemed to be doing it, so I thought I would too. So, you can contact me and ask to be my friend. I might smile, and say "Yes! I'll be your friend" or I might be grumpy :-( and say "No, I don't want to be your friend." Whatever, it's better than watching the eternally rubbish Big Brother!!

Search for Andy Remic in Manchester :-)

Helvellyn #2.

Had a blast up Helvellyn in the Lakes yesterday, and can heartily recommend this to anybody who wants to heave their bulks out of their armchairs. Go on, switch off Big Brother/ Lost/ Heroes and drive to Glenridding. There's a bit of work involved, but the views when you stand on Striding Edge are truly spectacular... just be careful not to fall off!!

Much credit must be given to the fat man in orange who followed me and Jake across Striding; he was an amateur, bumbling along, and filled his pants when he came to the chimney descent. But credit to him, he was fat, unfit, and scared to hell, but he gave it a go and was victorius. Well done that fat man in orange!!

After Helvellyn, we blasted on and climbed Catstye Cam (an easy second addition) with the idea we'd eat lunch up there (salted tuna sandwiches, yum), but the unusually humid conditions meant a plague of midgies wanted to share our food, no matter how unappetising, and chased us down the flanks so we had to eat on the move. Then it was me and Jake down to a local hostelry for some grand Old Speckled Hen beer, and jumbo sausage and chips, just to, y'know, keep the blood flowing after 4 hours of tabbing.

As for the pictures:

First, here's me on Striding Edge. And secondly, here's me on Striding Edge. The third photo is of, um, me, stood on, um, Striding Edge. So, two concurrent themes running, that of me, and that of Striding Edge. Vain? Moi? Ha!

And there's me, that's Rem, and Jake, my droog, coming down Swirrel. Some kindly bloke and his Scottish missus took the photo. Hats on!!