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Monday, 27 July 2009

Kell's Legend.

Couldn't resist 1 last post; the art for "Kell's Legend". Enjoy :-)

Thursday, 18 June 2009


All posting has now moved over to my new wordpress site. Thanks to Darren Turpin and indeed, Nik Butler, for all their advice in transferring and setting up; and by kicking me repeatedly to leave the odd vagaries of Blogger behind.

All ANDY REMIC related info will emerge via this new site - as of today.

So, head over to so hear all about Golden Eagles and mountain climbing....


Rem, 18th June, 2009.
Happy Birthday Ralphy :-)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Website LOOMS.

OK, I'm tentatively putting my head over the battlements again (last time, it got shot off, haha), and I'm ready to trial the new ANDY REMIC wordpress site. It can be found at and I'm happy to field any criticism (see, I don't hate all critics, ha!). So, let me know what you think. Professional? Geeky? Spunky? Let me know.

Right. Off to browse Porsche 911s again. Midlife crisis? Moi? Surely not? But hey, it's a great Faith No More track.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Th3 m1ss1ng - my FAVE band - release their first single...

Just received this "hot off the press" announcement from my good buddies indie band Th3 m1ss1ng, who also supplied all the music for the podcasts of my novels over at

Th3 m1ss1ng are thrilled to announce that their debut single will be released as mp3 from today.

The single “first” will be available to download from the following sites:

iTunes -

Amazon (US) -

Amazon (UK) -

Rhapsody -

eMusic -

Napster -

A video has also been put together to accompany the release of this single which can be found on our website

Th3 m1ss1ng also hope to release an e.p. at the end of the summer. Keep an eye on our MySpace page for further news.

Th3 m1ss1ng

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

David Eddings Dies, age 77.

It's with great sadness I heard the news of David Edding's death. I loved many of his fantasy works, and especially his creation Sparhawk.

There's a good piece on Mr Eddings over at SF Crowsnest -

May he rest in the Hall of Heroes!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Camping in Wales.

I intend to take my two little boys camping this weekend. They have insisted we go near a beach--- so they can bury me in sand. So, if you hear no more blogs after Sunday, then please send a search party to: The Beach, Wales, and look for a shaved head, probably blistered with sunburn (I wish!), poking up through the dunes.

Friday, 22 May 2009


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics group has been set up by a consortium of authors, co-ordinated by Andy Remic, who wish to celebrate the good side of the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. By that, we don’t just mean media with a positive theme – no, we’re into violence, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll like every other monkey – but that our outlook and content will be geared towards the positive.

The site will include reviews, articles and interviews, which is pretty standard across the industry, but also several exciting new angles – such as collaborative stories written by the professional authors therein, and “Viewpoint” articles where writers can collectively wax lyrical on a certain topic.

Andy Remic enthuses, “If we can get all the associated writers together at a convention and suitably drunk on a cocktail of cheap Scandinavian meths, Stella and absinthe, we can also expect a movie! Watch this space!”. The horror.

The official line runs thus:
“Our mission is to celebrate everything positive, funky and exciting in the Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror Universe! The SFFE is a core platform, a hub of authors who have banded together with the aim of celebrating all that is positive in genre fiction. We aim to leave cynicism and negativity at the door, and concentrate on what makes us smile, what entertains us, and what brings light and joy to our SF, fantasy and horror universe. That's not to say there is no place for criticism--- there's plenty bad in the world. However, this little digital corner is a place for positive progression, somewhere you will (hopefully) come if you want to smile.”

So far, a considerable number of industry figures have signed up to take part, and many more are currently in negotiation! The SFFE currently enjoys: Tony Ballantyne, Eric Brown, Mark Chadbourn, David Devereux, Ian Graham, Paul Kearney, Tim Lebbon, Tom Lloyd, James Lovegrove, Gail Z. Martin, James Maxey, Juliet E. Mckenna, Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Andy Remic, Brian Ruckley, James Swallow, Jeffrey Thomas, Jetse de Vries, Danie Ware and Conrad Williams. A healthy dollop of literary roughage, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Check out:
Love, kisses and chainsaws—
Andy Remic.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Yes, I know, I have finally joined the digital age. With the recent change in terms of hosting my website and digital content, etc, I have now transferred all photos from my old site to FLICKR - and what a fine piece of javascript innovation it is, too. I've also added lots of new photo content, including the recent splurge of UK signings to accompany the launch of my Solaris SF novel, BIOHELL. I did a small signing tour across Bury, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and London, not exactly Paris and New York I am aware (and just had an email from Charles Stross to say the jammy bugger is in Ontario on his book tour- check out for some very interesting reading); however, I like to keep a low low low profile, which will probably be exploded with my recent signing to Angry Robot Books, the new division of Harper Collins run by that very nice furry robot, Marc Gascgoine; I am sure they will have me dress up in faux fur. Or something.
Anyway. In the right hand column of this here very site you will see a Flash button for Flickr (providing you have been fortuitous enough to install Macromedia's little baby) and a single click will bring you into, err, Remic heaven. That's sounding dodgy, right? OK. Cough. I'll go now. I have to do some more work on Kell's Legend 2....... and yes, I am a few books ahead of myself, and aware nobody has even read Kell's Legend 1 yet!! But it's coming, baby, it's coming.......

All Content now HERE.........

Yes, sick of maintaining two discrete websites which directly replicated practically all content, I have now moved everything of relevance to this Blogger site. All the photos from the old site will end up on Flickr within the next few days, thus showing I am not some alcoholic dinosaur wot is scared ov this new web thang. So, hope that is clear :-)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Rem Interview...

Just had a new interview posted over at

This is with regards a recently published anthology, SO IT BEGINS, to which I contributed a Combat K short story entitled JUNKED; it's currently doing well in the US and can be picked up from Amazon.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

And We Have A Winner!

Yes, Steve Bannister, othewise known in WoS circles as the "Mad Mekon", has supplied me with the full solution and final pasword to Biohell, the graphical text adventure game for the 48K Spectrum. 5 novels will be winging their way to him shortly!!

Well done "Mad". You did very, very well --considering some of the moaning I've had at the difficulty level of the game, haha.