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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Box o' Books

One of the best parts of writing a novel is when you finally get your sticky paws on the finished product. Here's a box of mass market paperbacks from Solaris, 10 each of War Machine and Biohell, both due out February 2009.
So, if you want a copy for review then drop Mark Newton at Solaris a line and he'll happily supply one. Both are chunky and very well produced, and I especially like the artwork on the spine. Can't wait to see them on the shelves!!


Aaron Spuler said...

It was a year between the 'oversized' paperback and mass market paperback releases of War Machine. The mass market paperback release of Biohell will be in February???

Andy Rem said...

The mass market of Biohell is in Feb08 in the UK, Feb09 in the US - or so I understand it. The releases will be staggered, with trades only being released in the US. Apparently, the UK market doesn't like them :-)

Aaron Spuler said...

I prefer the MMP over the trades myself, but can't wait that long to have the CK action, so I have trades of both on my bookshelf. I saw that over here in the US, they released the MMP of War Machine around the same time as the trade of Biohell was released.