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Thursday, 14 May 2009

And We Have A Winner!

Yes, Steve Bannister, othewise known in WoS circles as the "Mad Mekon", has supplied me with the full solution and final pasword to Biohell, the graphical text adventure game for the 48K Spectrum. 5 novels will be winging their way to him shortly!!

Well done "Mad". You did very, very well --considering some of the moaning I've had at the difficulty level of the game, haha.



rem ii said...

Ah dammit, and I was so close. Make pie. MAKE PIE.

Andy Rem said...

Haha, haha, Rem ii (although actually, shouldn't you really be Rem i, and I Rem ii??) --- adn I thought you of all people would be able to make a pie!! (just add, err, lots of butter, ho ho).

madmekon said...

Yummy Meat pie!
Thanks Andy, my books arrived today!