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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Website LOOMS.

OK, I'm tentatively putting my head over the battlements again (last time, it got shot off, haha), and I'm ready to trial the new ANDY REMIC wordpress site. It can be found at and I'm happy to field any criticism (see, I don't hate all critics, ha!). So, let me know what you think. Professional? Geeky? Spunky? Let me know.

Right. Off to browse Porsche 911s again. Midlife crisis? Moi? Surely not? But hey, it's a great Faith No More track.


Aaron Spuler said...

Looks good. Only thing I'd ask for is to make the font a little larger so it's easier to read.

Franco's love child said...

I like it lots. Nice and neat but looks the bogs dollocks too!

Not a critism but potential improvements :)

The about Rem should be the home page if this was the case you could delete the same text and bring the menu bars up a bit!

Also a bigger banner at the top instead of the white current wired n wierd banner could look cool.

If poss just rip the ANDY REMIC font used on the Combat K novels as this is really neat! I would plaster it right accross the top - the gold text would look great with the theme you have :)

Hope this is useful?

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