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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Gone in 72 Seconds

Gods, I could have lasted longer than 72 seconds against Amir Khan last night. And I've got a damn beer belly!!

Admittedly, Amir showed incredible speed (according to Mr Barry McGuigan) during the fight; a shame he didn't show such dexterity when he jumped that red light doing 47 in a 30, and mowed down David Hutton on a pedestrian crossing, breaking the man's leg. Amir certainly did a fine job of thanking his legal team after the court case. With all their finances, it must have taken only 72 seconds to destroy Hatton on the witness stand. But hey, as Amir said, he wasn't guilty of dangerous driving. Just careless. How can it be dangerous to jump a red light and mow down a guy on a pedestrian crossing? Hah. Silly old me.

Still, Amir is a mighty fine boxer. Just a shit driver. :-)

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