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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Forbidden Planet Signing A Rabid Drooling Success!!

Had a ball on Saturday signing books in London's Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue. I thoroughly enjoyed the signing experience, and got to meet lots (*lots*!!) of fans who shall hereby be referred to as "Combat K Squaddies". Sold a quantity of books (always a bonus) and also met the acroamatic Mr David Devereux, a thoroughly nice chap (described by one fan as a writer of "misogynistic torture porn"- excellent, haha!!) and author of Hunter's Moon and the recently published Eagle Rising, both by Gollancz. You can check out his website at and we shall subsequently appear as a comedy beer-drinking duo at the upcoming Eastercon. Oh yeah, and Mr Torture Porn recommends a mean pint of ale...... and in fact, a cool place to drink it, as well. Is there any end to the man's talents? Bastard.

Combat K Squaddies spotted in full urban battle dress.

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