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Friday, 6 February 2009

FP Signing Still On, Says Remic.

I'm still travelling to the Big Lon for my signing tomorrow, and have it on good authority that Jeremy Clarkson himself may well be attending*, as he's a massive fan of my books. Despite having stupid hair, and making sometimes idiotic comments, he's been quoted as saying he'd rather read War Machine or Biohell than have sex!! Amazing stuff.

So, join me and Jeremy Clarkson* at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue from 1-2!!


On a planet teeming with corruption, guns, sex and designer drugs, a global technology company manufactures the Biomod Human Upgrade – and creates a zombie population packed with hardcore weaponry. Dropped into the midst of this wasteland of murder and mutation, the Combat-K squad must fight their way to the dark heart of Nano-Tek corporation. This is hard-hitting military science fiction to make you rethink everything you’ve read before!

*a lie.


Anonymous said...

You one-eyed English idiot! I never said that! I said I would rather read your books than have sex with MY DONKEY! Get it right.

Jeremy Clarkson.

Robin said...

Hey Andy!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and personalize a copy of "Biohell" for me - you made the book sound so interesting I could not resist a purchase and I am looking forward to reading it soon!


Andy Rem said...

Hi Robin,
It was a pleasure to meet you. Let me know what you think of Biohell.... we'll see if it punishes The Punisher, ha!!