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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Climbed my favourite mountain in the Lake District again on Friday- the superbly beautiful Helvellyn. What was crazy (and always makes for interesting climbing and endurance, because you need to carry full winter kit) was the weather. Sunny as hell at the foot of the mountain, and ice and snow at the top - but warm enough pretty much to reach the summit in a t-shirt. Really crazy weather. Me and my mate took ice axes, and ended up helping out a few people descending Swirrel Edge over the ice. We cooked some German pork sausages on the summit with the view on the photo above... and those few other climbers out were extremely jealous of our full-fat lunch, eating, as they were, cold cheese sandwiches and crappy pasta salads. Long live the sausage!!

I also took my collie dog on the climb (now just over a year old) and she caused me some problems on the ridge descent down Swirrel. I had to drag her down a few precipices, but once she got her canine brain around it she was galloping all over the rocks and jumps like a goat-possessed.

Anybody fancying a climb, just let me know :-)

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