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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Angry Robot.

OK. It's official. I have been signed by Angry Robot Books, Harper Collins new genre imprint to write a trilogy of hardcore vampire(ish) heroic fantasy novels, beginning with Kell's Legend, published September 2009. Kell's Legend is already finished, and just undergoing editing - it's a kick ass new angle on heroic fantasy which should appeal to readers of David Gemmell and Raymond Feist.
The official press release states:
From the UK, meanwhile, we’re delighted and just a little scared to welcome ANDY REMIC to our ravening horde. His reputation as the hard man of British SF is well-deserved. Now he’s taking the tough guy stylings of Quake, Spiral and his recent Combat-K novels into fantasy, for a brand new trilogy that sees him, in one mighty bound, become the natural successor to the much-missed David Gemmell.

KELL’S LEGEND, due September 2009 in mass-market paperback, introduces Kell, grizzled veteran warrior much at odds with a civilised world where humanity has become soft. When a new foe arises to threaten the city of Jalder, only Kell remembers that to live, you have to fight, and fight dirty. But how can one man hold off against the Vachine, the terrifying clockwork vampires of legend?

SF Signal said this about Remic’s books: “A roller-coaster of fun… fun and fast-paced @$$-kicking action.”

Fantasy Book Critic agreed: ”Every once in a while a novel comes along that surprises the hell out of you. That was the case with “War Machine” by Andy Remic. Imagine my surprise when “War Machine” became my favorite science fiction novel of the year. Yes, you heard correctly. Gary Gibson’s “Stealing Light”, Peter F Hamilton’s “The Dreaming Void”, Neal Asher’s “Hilldiggers”, Josh Conviser’s “Empyre”, Richard K. Morgan’s “Black Man/Thirteen”, Matthew Jarpe’s “Radio Freefall”; “War Machine” topped them all and no one is more shocked than I am! …I loved every testosterone-fuelled second.”

Join the battle at
I was very proud of the David Gemmell bit, as Dave was the man who started me off writing when I first read Legend in 1987. I corresponded with David many times, which culminated in a drinking session after a book signing in Manchester. So, I am proud to say, I got drunk with David Gemmell :-)
Anyway, check out Angry Robot Books at:


James said...

Andy, Kell's Legend sounds really cool - looking forward to reading it!

Andy Rem said...

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

Franco's love child said...

Great news well done mucka!

I am finally getting Biohell.... YAR!

This darn recession has left me with less money than Mr Mugabe's gardener! :(

But with another baby due in 4 weeks (this happened when War Machine came out - hmmm) I am getting it for my Bday. Looking forward to reading it,Happy days.

Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!