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Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I know it's possibly exceedingly sad, but I've been listening nostalgically to the old Marillion stuff from my childhood, you know, Childhood's End, Fugazi and Clutching at Straws. Are there any other old crinkly prog-rock rockers out there? If so, wave your zimmer frame in the air and shout 'Derek Dick! You are the best!'


Anonymous said...

Ah - the first gig I ever went to was Marillion!

My dad went with me and he wore his yellow Pringle golf jumper.

There weren't many other girls there (in the NEC!!!) as I recall... The ones that were there all ran to the front squealing when the support band (It Bites) came on.

How very, very sad.

Andy Rem said...

Ahh yes, but does that mean you have a soft spot for the Big Fish, or is it just something you were forcibly dragged to? I get the impression Mr Yellow Pringle was the real fan!!

Anonymous said...

'Fraid not. He said they were the poor man's Pink Floyd, which was half an attempt at a compliment, methinks, but still...

Well, I have all the albums up to La Gaza Ladra (except the live Reel to Real which I never got round to getting). I have their first single Market Square Heroes/Three Boats Down from the Candy. Everything is on vinyl except for Fugazi, which I have on tape, 'cos that was the only format Woolworths had it in (always wondered, does it do a weird Dolby noise thing on the beginning on vinyl?).
I have Mick Wall's biography and a comprehensive collection of Mark Wilkinson postcards. I no longer have the tee-shirts (which I wore to do PE in at school) or the calendar(s). Think the Winter of Discontent tour book is around somewhere.
So, maybe I had a soft spot at one time.

Neil and I went to see the comedian Will Smith's 'Misplaced Childhood' tour a couple of years ago - I think you would have appreciated that! It was a self-deprecating look at how he turned out due to being a Marillion fan at school. I identified with that a lot for some reason.

...funnily enough, I just got a sample disc from Racket Records of the 'new' (what is it? Nigh on 20 years now...?)Marillion's stuff, but I'm afraid to play it.

Andy Rem said...

Respect! A true Marillion fan! In fairness, much of the new stuff with Steve Hogarth is really good, with marks of genius showing through. I know they ain't popular, but some of those songs have got me up savage mountains in savage weather! Fish and Hogarth have saved my ass!!! Anyway Wishus, when we meet again we can get drunk and sing old Marillion songs to one another. Ho ho.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Love Marillion. Usually have either Misplaced Childhood, Script for Jester's Tear, or Clutching at Straws on my MP3 player. Or all three.