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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Amphetamine Logic

Get this for a piece of wifey-logic. I was working on my laptop. I had a nice can of Stella beside my laptop. This is safe. I do not spill beer. To spill beer is sacrilege, and should be punishable by 5 lashes of the birch. I do this all the time, and have never spilled beer over a computer part- ever.

Anyway, my loving cuddly wifey was clearing away the childrens' dinner dishes. I was out of the room. She knocked the can of beer over the laptop, napalming several keys and giving the machine a curious but warm odour of diseased and unhealthy beer-pus.

Her defence? Like all good Generals, her defence was attack.

It was my fault. Of course it was! Because because because I left the beer next to the laptop. It was an irrelevancy, in wifey logic, that it could be her fault. No, she was just the perpetrator of the act, whereas I allowed the act to occur due to my initial prior stupidity.

Am I wrong here? Come on guys, back me up in this marital!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry mate, you're on your own there. Partly because it's a completely lost cause to start with (come on!) but mostly because I haven't been round your place for that curry yet - at which point, I'd think having Mrs R throwing cans of Stella at my head for opening my big mouth would definitely constitute getting off on the wrong foot... ;)

Anonymous said...

"... a curious but warm odour of diseased and unhealthy beer-pus."

I wondered who had been buying all the 22p lager...

Andy Rem said...

DarrenT: The offer's sill open mate, just let me know when you're free!! [Legal disclaimer- I cannot in any way be held responsible for poisoning people :-)]

Wishus: Please let me know where you get 22p Stella! You wise and wily gal, you!