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Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm OK...

OK, no girls' clothes here (athough, every now and again...) and you'll be pleased to know that after helping my mate cut down some trees (why else would I be holding a chainsaw, after all?) I still have all my limbs and fingers. So I can still write!! Yay!! Actually, re-reading that, there'll be some who wish I'd lost my fingers. Sorry to disappoint :-( I'll try and lop something important off next time.

I remember using my first chainsaw, about 10 years ago. A friend I worked with, her husband worked for a tree-felling company, and he handed over the industrial machine, kevlar pants, goggles etc with a look of great fear in his eyes. Like I was going to chop my head off, or something (possible). His words will always stick with me: "Treat this machine with respect. If you slip, it'll easily cut off your leg like a hot knife through butter". Cliched, but correct.

The most nerve-wracking bit when using a chainsaw from up a ladder is stretching out and waving the roaring machine about... Health and Safety would have a collective coronary!!

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