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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Chronicles of the Necromancer.

I've been invited to do a podcast chat with Gail Z. Martin, author of The Summoner and The Blood King. It's on the subject of censorship, which should be interesting because the stuff I write is subversive and horrific and (in the words of Christian Dunn, sick sick sick), and yet when I was an English teacher I was active in stopping the kiddies writing anything subversive and horrific and sick sick sick... we'll see what happens, anyway. It's also interesting to note that I was recently censored (sob!) in my latest novel BIOHELL, which is currently "in-edit". They took out my zombie sex scene. The heathens! What's the matter with you people? Can't you handle some funky human on zombie action??
Gail's website is at and the podcast should be published there shortly after Tuesday 8th April.


Franco's Lovechild said...

LOL @ the removal of the zombie sex scene. That would have been a funny read. :)

Bet their response was fun reading too, somthing like this maybe....

"FFS Andy you fucking sicko, you remember that line we talked about in our last meeting well you just pissed on it and kept running..."

Maybe you can keep it for the blurb on the back cover. :)

Andy Rem said...

After the book is out, I'm going to publish the comedy scenes which got cut here on the blog... can't let such entertaining filth go to waste now, can I?!!

And what my editor said was, there's a line up to which most people go. Some writers dip their toe past the line. But with BIOHELL you went so far past the damn line you were just a dot in the distance (or something like that, it was hard to hear past the angry spittle). Hoho. Only joking!!