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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Donnie Darko.

Yes yes, I know, I'm late getting round to seeing this movie. But wow, it was worth it. An incredible film, complex, intelligent, beautifuly shot, and with a superb series of twists. Did Donnie really travel the path of his own future and then decide to travel a portal back, thus righting the wrongs he had unintentionally created, whilst at the same time causing those who suffered to glimpse the possibility of their own futures and thus adapt their lifestyles because of this? Or was he simply mad as a silver-headed rabbit? Was Sparrow checking her mail box for Donnie's letter, having seen this in her own future episode? Did she stand in the road continually because she knew she was the catalyst which would cause Donnie's girlfriend's death, and thus send him on a path of redemption, seeking to alter his own past with self-sacrifice and thus spare those around him? Or was he simply an alien-infused human operating at a completely different level to the human shells surrounding him? And what of God? And we have the corruption of our time/space construct by an object from the future which needs to be returned to the future to stop the present ending! Wow wow. What an ace film!!

In contrast, I'm spending quite a bit of time with my mom, who's been released after a 6 month stint in the hospital. Unfortunately, this also meant I had to sit through an episode of Coronation Street yesterday. I haven't seen this crap for about 10 years and- guess what? It has got, if you can believe this, even worse. Never have I seen such appaling acting outside a Big Brother event. Never have I seen such badly concocted dialogue. And the acting! Did I mention the acting? Baboons in wigs would have done better.

So, when offered the gift of laying something memorable down on film, the genius Richard Kelly offers Donnie Darko and.... some muppets waste precious seconds of my life with Coronation Street. Never again, y'hear? Never!!

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