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Monday, 4 August 2008

Gail Martin Podcast Interview

NEW!! Podcast interview by Gail Z. Martin, author of The Summoner and The Blood King, with Andy Remic, author of War Machine etc etc etc.

All new Ghost in the Machine podcasts for 2008 with an all-star roster of authors from science fiction, fantasy and paranormal!!!!

NEW--Gail talks with military science fiction author Andy Remic about censorship and how society decides who is "safe" to write "disturbing fiction." Although, admittedly, Andy strays way off task and starts gibbering about zombies and bad hair.

1 comment:

S.M.D. said...

Fantastic. Now I have a voice to put to the name. And I'm still trying to hunt down one of your books so I can read it and take you up on our bet, but our local store doesn't have it. It's okay, though, I'm going to a really cool book store this month and I'm bound to find it there.

Look forward to the interview.