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Saturday, 30 August 2008

XFactor Ariel. Oh dear oh dear.

This isn't an angry young female. This isn't a radical feminist. This isn't even entertainment. This is simply an idiot. Put her in the stocks and pelt with rotten fruit immediately, please.

The panel (and I know I'm scraping the barrel here watching XFac, but hey, I was coerced) didn't even NEED to speak. "Ariel" (you're looking different here, Mr Turpin) made a complete fool of herself simply by opening her mouth.

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.


Franco's love child said...

Lool... nice photo!

I too was forced to watch this tonight(lightly speaking as I could have escaped this torture by simply moving my fat arse off the sofa and doing something else).

Been a while (again a reference to my extreme lazyness).

Looking forward to new book, not long now :)

Anonymous said...

OMG are you kididing! shes is the best i have seen on xfactor she sang thru all the styles and very well they bit angry about it but she was there to make a point really! but she was very very good! at least she really spoke her mind and could sing unlike some who speak there minds

Andy Rem said...

You're missing the point. ALL XFAC is crap. I was more offended by this muppet's attitude, she was extremely patronising and just made an idiot of herself. And... well, she didn't really speak her mind, did she? What she gave was a lame pale second-hand imitation. She saw herself as the "rock-chick", the "radical", and the "punk-bitch-from-hell-there-to-show-Simon-what-it-was-all-about". In reality, much as I dislike Cowell, he was simply right. She could not sing. And when challenged, resorted to the "well it's supposed to be an academic thing, you don't understand it, ergo, you are no academic". So what? She sounded like a mangled cat. And that's being kind to the cat.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see it, but I know someone who has been through a couple of the auditions for this programme - I think you have to get through two before you even get to see the TV judges. I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that they have a quota of decent singers and a quota of no-hopers to parade before the plebians - so they actually turn good singers away to get these caterwaulers on the screen. Car crash TV... I won't watch it, and I don't actually need to watch it, not when all the office bimbos are going to harp on about it for weeks, which they will. *groans*

Andy Rem said...

So you're saying I'm an office bimbo? Thanks very much :-)

I did say I was forced into watching this. Curiously, I strangely enjoyed it (I usually watch less than an hour of TV a week). Must be getting old. Or soft. Or both. Time to hang up my ice axe!!

Anonymous said...