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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Radio Interview Now Live.

And yes, my 4.30AM interview with Howard Margolin of Destines - The Voice of Science Fiction is now live!! It can be downloaded from and then you too can smirk at the pointless ramblings of a hungover 4.30AMer :-) called REM.
Enjoy. I did. Howard's a real nice guy, and I enjoyed the interview thoroughly.


Captain Phil said...

Thanks for linking to my site Andy! I'm Phil, the guy who archives Howards show. You did a great interview and I'll probably upload a slightly better copy of the show sometime later this week.
Howard really enjoyed the book, I could tell listening.

I attend a lot of East Coast SF conventions and I'd love to say hi if you end up doing a Boskone or the 2009 Worldcon in Canada or even a Readercon!

Best of luck with the books and thanks for making history!

Andy Rem said...

Hi Captain,
It was my pleasure to do the interview (despite the Godawful hour).... hopefully I'll be back next year after the release of BIOHELL :-)