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Sunday, 28 September 2008

BIOHELL... at last!!

An lo! so a package arrived from Mark Charan Newton at Solaris, and inside it did verily contain BIOHELL, the US trade paperback edition, and lo! ... it was good.

It's that time of the year, when you finally get to hold your freshly printed novel and it all suddenly starts to feel real. No more paper scripts and PDF files... here it is, the real book in print and in your hands and looking damn fine!! (if I say so myself).

New BIOHELL book blurb:

The City: an entire planet teeming with corruption, guns, sex, and designer drugs. Humans are upgraded by the injection of microscopic nanobots, courtesy of a new technology from the Nano-Tek corporation, but when this highly desirable technology heads onto the black market, millions of people inject themselves with pirated biomods - and transform into zombies. Now they roam the streets, out for blood, packing shotguns and bombs. The Combat K squad are dropped into this warzone to uncover what's turned the planet into a wasteland of murder and mutations, and soon their focus is on the darkness at the Nano-Tek corporation itself...
Can't wait to see it on the shelves :-)


Anonymous said...

That should be in the shops in the next week or so, shouldn't it?

Andy Rem said...

Nah, trade is out in US this November, mass market in the UK January 2009. I might put a podcast of a section on my website, but until then... unless you order from the US, you're just gonna have to wait :-)