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Monday, 20 October 2008

BIOHELL Hits The Mean Streets...

BIOHELL hits the United States of America in trade paperback, October 28th 2008, followed by a UK mass-market paperback on February 5th 2009.

Go out and buy it. You won't regret it!!

Some of the author's fave quotes:

"One step at a time, compadre. We’re not supermen! Well, at least, you’re not."


"Hey! I’m not just some uncouth, misogynistic, beer-drinking, heterosexual power-house, with no appreciation of the finer points of science, literature and art. Am I?"


"You’ve got it all wrong, Keenan, my friend. You have a twisted perspective. A deviated standpoint. This world. This life. This nightmare. I’m the only sane thing in it. It’s everybody else that’s mad. The pills just make your insanity bearable."


"Damn that vegetable spunk slime."




aaronspuler said...

So looking forward to this one. 'War Machine' kicked ass, and 'Biohell' looks to do the same.

Gotta love Franco -- he's one cool sh#t!

Andy Rem said...

If you love Franco, you'll love BIOHELL, because he takes more of a lead role and is, if possible, even mor emanic :-)

Glad you enjoyed War Machine!!

aaronspuler said...

Can't wait!!! Read 'War Machine' as soon as it came out last year, and will be doing the same for 'Biohell', Andy.

Haven't read 'Spiral', 'Quake' or 'Warhead' -- actually don't know if I've seen them in the store or not (can't remember now...). How do they compare to 'War Machine' and 'Biohell'?? I know that the Combat-K books are in a different setting and not related to the other three, but would like to know more about those other three.