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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Randy Toss.

Sorry, but am I the only person who thinks Brand and Ross should be horse-whipped, then spend 48 hours in the stocks? Obviously I’m not, judging by the amount of complaints the BBC had regarding the “comedy” heaped upon poor Andrew Sachs. I see today Brand has resigned his position from the BBC… but, is this enough? Now, I agree capital punishment is probably a little harsh in most cases (Gary Glitter and his ilk excepting), but surely in a case like this we could return to that most comedic of punishments, the stocks? Lock Randy Brand and Toss in wooden stocks for 48 hours, pelt them with rotten fruit and other amusing objects (a lump hammer, a chisel, a chainsaw, haha!!) and let them suffer a little of the humiliation heaped upon Sachs by their comments, broadcast, and subsequent explosion of media recognition.

Alternatively, I’m willing to come out of retirement and spend an hour in the ring with these two muppets. And I’m damn sure Ricky Hatton wouldn’t mind a round or three.

Sachs is such a lovely bloke, and I’ve just watched his response to the two hairy reprobates. And yes, he’s too nice to pursue matters further – that’s why they chose him. And yes, they sent him very nice letters – they were begging for their jobs.

What 78 year old grandfather deserves this sort of treatment?

And Russel! Mate! Get a haircut! And a shave. Haha.

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mythusmage said...

I can think of a pair of American dweebs your two could be sentenced to baby-sit. (White tie and tails to go shooting Obama, how gouche (or however it's spelled).)