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Friday, 3 October 2008

Horror Reanimated.

I've got to admit, I'm a real old school horror fan, a proper stalwart of the original James Herbert and Stephen King stuff (and even Guy N. Smith, shudder - who remembers the horror of The Slugs, and that exorcist ex-SAS dude, Sabat!!), which I read from the age of about 13. I found it distressing when horror popularity dipped a few years back (having written a couple of old unpublished horror novels myself), but I am totally thrilled it's making a revival. At the forefront of this new horrorific knife in the ribs are two guys who I admire, namely Bill Hussey and Joseph D'Lacey, authors of Through a Glass, Darkly, and MEAT respectively.

So, imagine my delight when these two dudes joined forces to blog about the horror scene! Wonderful! Point your mouse over to for some sweet-smelling fun and frolics from the horror scene......

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