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Friday, 10 April 2009

Scott Sigler & Andy Remic Collaboration

A Podcast short story collaboration between Scott Sigler and Andy Remic, read by Scott Sigler.
OK, get over to to check out this brand new collaboration between two masters of kick-ass hardcore high-action SF. The story is released as a podcast episode, 37 minutes long and starring Pippa, an ex-Combat K squaddie on a violent solitary adventure holiday when things go terribly wrong...... here, Sigler describes Remic's writing, "I listened to some of Andy's podcast novels and invited him to join The Crypt project because his stuff is really over the top and I kinda describe it- if you took the testosterone of a thousand mixed martial arts fighters, distilled that down to a form of ink and printed it on paper, that would be how you would get an Andy Remic novel". Hoo har!
It's great to have your work read by another author, adds a real different spin on things, and it's also great to work with a guy like Scott Sigler. Many beers at the next SF convention I think!!

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