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Saturday, 3 January 2009

I've Been on the Mountain.

What a way to spend New Year/ Hogmanay. First, a hectic snowy climb up Beinn Tulaichean, just past Rob Roy's burial site (worth a visit), to stand in awe above the mist at over 3000 feet which flooded the valleys below. As you looked around, every peak you could see poking from the mist was a Munro!! Unbelievable. I've been on the mountain? Damn right. Never seen anything so stunning. Cooked German sausage with mustard, and watched God peel the top off the world.

Then back to the Ardlui Hotel at the north end of Loch Lomond for a five course meal of steak, salmon and venison with great friends and the bouncing kids. Lots of Guinness and whiskey, kilts, Hogmanay hugs and Scottish dancing. Magic.


Aaron Spuler said...

Now that is just cool. What a good way to spend the New Year.

Anonymous said...

that looks amazing, I wish I had the push to do something like, maybe that should be my resolution


Fordy said...

Looks amazing. I might do that next year :) See you there!

Franco's love child said...

Nice pics!

Now I know what it looks like, I dont have to lug my fat arse up there and look for myself lool

Looked like lots of fun!

Andy Rem said...

Yeah guys, we should all meet up on a mountain for a Hogmanay party!! Whiskey and hot food, grand.