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Thursday, 22 January 2009

SFX Review & Interview

Biohell is starting to do the rounds, and received a very positive review in the February 2009 issue of SFX "The World's Number One Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine", out now.

Calum Waddell writes a cool review, awarding 4 stars out of 5, and giving some ace cover quotes. Check this:

"A tense and tightly plotted story of military survival, alien beasts and zombie girlfriends"... and

"Biohell can stake a claim as the finest viral nightmare since 28 Days Later"... and finally,

"Those with a sensitive stomach should be warned: this book may represent some kind of first in its graphic, and gruesome, depiction of a zombie vagina".

Cool, man :-)

SFX is out now, and contains a "Mind Probe" interview as well; a fuller interview can be found at:

Best Remic "interview" quote of the century: "What if, I extrapolated, Microsoft did tits? Well, you have to run with an idea like that"... It's coming, I predict: Microsoft and soft squidgy female* body parts........ you watch!!
*save male pie-eaters, of course.

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