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Sunday, 25 January 2009

SciFi Now...

Wowsers, it would seem Biohell has had not one, but two good reviews this month, for which I'm very grateful. SciFi Now also have a "profile" of me, in which they have amusingly raided my website for information and pulled one of my pugly pictures for the mag. That means my mirror-crackin' mug has featured in two top Sciffy magazines during January 2009 - I'll be mugged in the street for my autograph at this rate (probably not, actually).
So then, Issue 24, Alasdair Morton makes some amusing comments on Biohell:
"The attitude which bristles throughout his prose is more often than not a perfect accompaniment to the guns and explosions", and
"It is a carnage strewn affair, with the action and zombie-bashing very much pushed to the forefront, and here Remic excels. His staccato prose is punchy and he delivers in the action stakes", and finally,
"it is a fun read, and one which is packed with enough zombie mayhem to keep you going... A winner with the Combat-K fans, and not a bad introduction to those new to Remic's work."
*Author note: Yeah yeah, I know, I'm just waiting for the real bad reviews to roll in now, ho ho. Critics are usually polarised on my work - either they like it lots, or they despise it. But at least they don't find it boring..... because, my friends, that would be the real crime. *Yawn*.
So, bring on the bad reviews!! I'm expecting a few :-)

1 comment:

Aaron Spuler said...

Boy howdy, readers having to see your photo in a magazine.... don't know if that's a trick or a treat!

Seriously though, I wish I could publish MY review of Biohell somewhere.... At least I was able to get it on for you.