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Sunday, 25 November 2007

BIOHELL Complete!!!

... well, I've just finished the first draft, coming in at 154,000 words, and it's a true rollicking rollercoaster action science fiction zombie military fest thing. Never have I written anything with so much action, violence, or gore!! So, I'll probably get panned for this one as well!! haha.

You wanna see Franco sky-dive from a flaming zombie-filled chopper? Check.
You wanna see Franco climb a tower of tits? (don't ask). Check.
You wanna meet Franco's eight foot girlfriend? Check.

Only, um, a year for you to wait then!! Although I might release a few "trailers" on the website after editing's complete, and after Christian (Dunn, my editor) has cast his experienced eye across the text and shouted, "Remic! No!".

Time for a break now, then the serious editing begins!!

(Thought I'd better put in something of a writerly nature, this being a writer's blog an' all!).

1 comment:

Franco's Lovechild said...

Father he lives!!!!!

Am nearing the end of War Machine...

...LOVE IT!!!!!!...

... and was wondering on the fate of ol Franco. Does this mean he survives, or stranger yet, is brought back to live using some 'Alien 25 - Ripley is back!' type technology to make another episode?

OoOOh im soo confused? A whole year you say - At the speed I read, I should just finish War Machine in time!