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Monday, 19 November 2007

Forced to the Edge of YoYo Sanity

[That's YoYo, not YokoOno, for those with poor eyesight].

Two points here, illustrating how your bizarre day can yokoono between good and bad.

Website down, TalkTalk useless, mindset for writing last chapter of new book BIOHELL all scrambled like eggy wegs.

Contacted Ariel, he of, fellow New Model Army affiliate and Man Who Deals With Author Websites (if there's anybody out there who needs a cool website designing); anyway, within a couple of hours he did what TalkTalk, with all their billions invested in Indian Call Centres, failed to accomplish. He got my mashed website back up and running!! Yay for Ariel! Many drinks owed. Maybe even a curry. I'm that generous.

Was also contacted over the weekend by Dave Bradley of SFX magazine, warning me of an impendingly very bad review of my book War Machine.

Better get out there and oil my chainsaw, then :-)

Yep. One of those days.

Still, managed to put down 6400 words leading to the hectic mental climax of new novel BIOHELL! And the contracts are all done and dusted! Solaris, we love ya!

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