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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Ring of Fire

Weird Experience!
Last week, I was driving along, on my way to pick up my little boy. Now, I've a top 'o the range VW Passatt, full leather, alloys, climate, yada yada. Great for kid's choc fingers. So, there I am, driving along, and I started to feel uncomfortable. In fact, I was hot, sweating, and forced to push my hand down the back of my pants. There, bathed in sweat, I wondered just what the bejasus was going on. Until it got worse, ouch! I said, ouch ouch ouch! Smoke rolled up. My damn leather seat was on fire! I pulled over, leapt out, and watched smoke curling from a 50p size hole. Hot sugary dog dick, I thought, pissed that my 18 month old motor had fiery seats. So, a short trip to VW later (apparently, the element in my heated seat had kinked and scorched the cow-hide), one completed fire-report form, and they replaced the seat.

But hey.
Can't wait for it to happen again ;-)

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