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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

SFX Napalm Strike

Not yet read the SFX review of War Machine, which I believe is going to be awesomely bad. Still, I'm smiling :-)

I can live with bad reviews. It's just when cheeky reviewers get personal, not understanding that one day they might actually come face to face with the person they gave a drubbing. And believe me, the writer who says he doesn't care about bad reviews, or forgets the name of said nasty reviewer, is a liar.

I remember David Gemmel once telling me that you shouldn't get big headed when you get the good reviews, and you shouldn't be downheartened when you get the bad ones. It's all down to personal opinion at the end of the day. And he's right, of course. But he followed this up with another comment, and a twinkle in his eye. I won't say what he said about certain reviewers who drubbed his work. But it wasn't very nice.

With regards personal opinion, it's all relative to the muppet doing the review (but of course, anyone who gives me a good review is a genius, ha!) After all, I actually like The Phantom Menace. Sure, I'd take a sawn-off double-barrel D5 shotgun to Jar Jar's spine, but I like the film as a whole. Ewan McGregor shouldn't be so embarrassed!

Still. A bad review always stings.

Heh, but not as much as my chainsaw.

"Say hello to my leedle friend".


Mike said...

We'll still be buying your books - good review or bad - and we're the ones who really count!

As you said - it's just personal opinion - and from a magazine that descended into a Buffy/Angel/Joss Whedon love-fest. I can imagine the crisis in the SFX editorial office when those series went off air.

Andy Rem said...

That's very kind of you, Mike. Actually I;ve just seen it, and it's not tha bad. There are some good comments I can steal :-)

I'll do a full blog about it tomorrow. Cheers!!