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Monday, 19 November 2007

TalkTalk- CRAP for the digital generation

We website is currently down. I made the very great mistake of hosting it using my talktalk webspace, on top of the very great mistake of signing up to talktalk in the first place. Originally I was with Pipex, who were great for about 4 years, until I tried to upgrade to the 8MB Pipex Homecall service. Apparently, Pipex and Pipex Homecall are two companies who are supposed to be the same, but in reality do not communicate and do not cooperate. I had problems for 6 months, no broadband, and they continually blamed each other like kids arguing over who broke the toy. It was truly pathetic. Farcical. Anyway, fast forward to TalkTalk- great to begin with. Until my phone went down, their technical support didn't, and they changed my phone number without my permission, and without actually telling me. Probably illegal. Pissed me right off- especially as my mother was just about to go into hospital and I was awaiting several serious calls. Anyway, after a whole week of ranting, a BT engineer finally fixed the problem (at the exchange). Oh, how ironic! I couldn't talktalk to anybody.

Now TalkTalk have deleted my webspace content, and I cannot get on to the server to re-upload anything via my FTP software. Incredibly, their technical support... doesn't. I just spent half an hour on the phone to Reena. She was very nice. But, a computer technician she was not. After putting me on hold on several occasions, she finally gave me the sterling advice of going into IE tools, and changing my default homepage to my own web address. I explained how this wasn't really going to help my situation, because all my code had been deleted from TalkTalk's damn server! She then, very helpfully, advised me to contact an engineer. What engineer? A metalworks engineer? A hydroplant engineer? Oh, a computer engineer. Why? I asked. My phone works, my broadband works, I can connect to every single web page in the Sinax Cluster except my own! The problem is on the TalkTalk server. I have been either excised from the system, or deleted. Reena then told me to contact my web designer. But that's me. So, desperate to get rid of me, she gave the direct line to the "high level technical department" - oooh. And guess what? 47 minutes of queuing and I still couldn't get through.

Great this. New novel out 2 weeks ago, and now TalkTalk have napalmed my website. They should be called ArseArse.


Mike said...

Andy, you need to write a chapter in your next book where a terrorist cell takes over a TalkTalk/NTL/Virgin/BT telecommunications HQ and the team have to go in there and terminate the lot of them with extreme prejudice and maximum collateral damage!

Andy Rem said...

Hahaha. I will think on it. Damn those dodgy ISPers.

Anonymous said...

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Andy Rem said...

What's this crap? I am not a beginner, and don't need a damn tutorial video. TALK TALK are absolute drivel!! Their customer service sucks!! You connect to some due in China who reads stuff off a screen. That's the point; I know exactly what I'm doing. I was one of the orginal deathmatchers, linking Quake under DOS on old LAN cards which were so temperamental, sometimes it took hours to get the LAN working. I don;t need a damn video tutorial!!!