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Friday, 23 November 2007


Well, I've read the SFX review of WAR MACHINE, and in all honesty, it's not that bad. I mean, 1.5 stars out of five! It could have been much, much worse, right? Like 1 out of 5, or half out of 5. Haha. Hohum, anyway, it seems Saxon Bullock doesn't like my work, and that's fine by me, it's his personal opinion and he's entitled to that. There are some lovely choice phrases I can pick out for my website, such as "blood-spattered ultraviolence" and "pulp SF-style brutality". Although I think saying the book was a "clunky mess" defies belief; did he read the damn thing? It's got a straightforward, linear plot, and despite what Bullock might think, the writing was pared back in many, many places. He seemed to miss the spirit in which I wrote the book- that of fast-paced, honest, simple, tongue-in-cheek fun. It's written as pure head-banging entertainment, not to win a damn Hugo!

Anyway, just for the record, I quite like SFX magazine, and thoroughly enjoyed the article this month on Blade Runner entitled Silver Blade. And Dave Bradley, the editor, is a really nice guy to deal with- and I owe him thanks for the interview from a few weeks back.

Just one question though. Why do I always seem to get bad reviews from unpublished SF authors who have "just finished their first novel?". Well, I wish Bullocks luck with placing THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT. I'm sure it'll make a great read :-) Also, if he emails a copy to me, and I like it, I might even recommend it to my publisher!! See, can't say fairer than that, can I? And, if I see him at a convention, I might even buy him a beer!! See, what a nice person I've become. Filled with roses and honey. Skipping happily through fields of daffodils. No more chainsaws and lump-hammers for this ex-convict, oh no [legal disclaimer: that was a joke].

As an aside, according to his website, Bullock can "type 45 words a minute", is "quick-witted" and has a "GCSE in Music". He'll probably need those skills if, upon publication, somebody gives him a bad review, yeah?

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