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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


My next novel is an action zombie SF thriller. Imagine zombies fighting AIs, zombies bearing machine guns and grenades, and a hardcore fast-paced adventure with a twist of black humour, zombies in tanks, and your fave characters from War Machine facing adversity with all the conflict that makes them so loveable.

Anyway, I've nearly finished! Yay! Probably by the end of this week! It's currently running at 145,000 words, and I've probably another 5000 to put down for the climax/ ending, which is proper stunning. Also a few small mid-scenes to add for the purpose of continuity. Then it's break time, and back for the first proper edit which I'm really looking forward to!

I've also planned a follow-up to this, which is in effect, a follow-up. And it's the most stunning book I've ever conceived. Called SICK WORLD, it's truly... sick. I can smell the iodine even now.

Note: BIOHELL and SICK WORLD will also be "standalone" novels, discrete in their dripping jelly. Dipping your toe in War Machine is not a requirement, although highly recommended.

You heard it here first :-)

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