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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Summer Holiday Going Cheap!

I can't believe the riots in Paris! What I can't believe is that some scrotebags steal a motorbike, are subsequently killed in an accident (no helmets, no license, no skill, no brains, doh!) with a police car, and this gives, let me get this straight, a load more shitbags the right to riot because they wish to "avenge" the two dead teenagers!! Sorry, what?

Now, I've had a few run-ins with the police (there's no comedy in crime, son) but let's be honest, they've got a really hard job to do and I respect the guys (and gals). It's not an easy job, eating all those donuts (a joke!), but again, I can't believe the rioting little teenage dirtboxes get to throw petrol bombs, and fire live bullets, and... what can the police do in return? Rubber bullets. Hahaha. If someone throws a petrol bomb at me, or tries to shoot me, it's attempted murder mate, and they should get the same right back. Vote for me! Remic for president! Or at least call in the damned army. Let's see the little f****** shoot a tank.

So then, if you'd like to book your Summer Vacation in Villiers-le-Bel, amidst the sunshine, the cheap wine, the frog's legs, the garlic and the, um, "gangrene" (Sarkozy, 2005) then please click here:

Thanks for listening, folks. That is, if anybody actually is listening.


Mark Newton said...

We're listening, Rem! We're listening..

Andy Rem said...

Mark, you look drugged in that photo, mate. But thanks for your hallucinogenic support :-)

Mark Newton said...

I am drugged. It's the only way to cope with the extreme violence in your novels... :-)

Frano's Lovechild said...

We hear ya! we hear ya!

Theres no fun in crime, son! ha ha

Mark you look like Noel Gallagher :D

Frano's Lovechild said...

Yeah, Yeah

Meant to read...

(there's no comedy in crime, son)

I am listening properly honest!

:D :D :D