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Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Guardian review

The Guardian, UK newspaper, reviewed my recently published Solaris novel WAR MACHINE yesterday.

They said:
"Remic's fourth novel opens with a graphic description of an abortive military mission on the aptly named planet of Terminus5, which soldier Keenan survives only to learn that his family has been killed by terrorists. Grieving and alcoholic, he sets himself up as a private investigator and is hired to re-form his Combat K team and retrieve the Fractured Emerald from the war-torn world of Ket. The lure: the emerald can discern the truth of past events and inform Keenan precisely who killed his wife and children. The scene is set for a hard-hitting, galaxy-spanning, no-holds-barred, old-fashioned action adventure yarn, laced with almost self-parodic brutality. A combination of military SF and space opera, it has the tendency to slip periodically into purple prose and melodrama."

OK, I like no-holds barred, old-fashioned action adventure yarn.
And I can live with self-parodic brutality.
Purple prose? What? WHAT? War Machine is stripped down kickass fucked-up brutality, man!! Never will you read such honed and nasty narrative!! Trust me. Try it. You may like the melodrama. It's melodramatic. And nobody complained about Star Wars :-)
Het, rather purple and melodrama than dull, lifeless, boring and with sod-all happening. So much drivel comes out with absolutely nothing going on. Well, I can never be accused of that crime against humanity, can I?

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